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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Quilt

A few posts ago I showed you the quilt I was working on. Much time has passed and I finished that quilt ages ago, just haven’t had time to post the pictures. I am so grateful to have Andrea’s store in Sidney because she has a big quilt frame and she can put the quilt together in no time at all. All I have to do is prepare the top, clean up the loose threads etc. cut the batting and backing to the size required and she does the rest.  She just sets it up on the frame, we chat about what kind of quilting I’d like done on it, and two days later she called to say it was ready.

I don’t mind paying because if I had to do this at home, it wouldn’t get done. Being that it is a quilt size bedspread, not just a quilt, there is no way I could accomplish the same amount of detail of quilting and have it done so beautifully, so the cost is worth it. It makes it more likely that I would do more quilting knowing that in the big projects, she would be able to finish them for me.  All I had to do when I brought it home, was to do the binding on the edges.

The next challenge will be to make toss pillows. I saw Andrea working on a rag quilt at the store the other day and thought that would make a great pillow. I picked up a little more of the quilting flannel I used in the quilt, so now I have enough fabric to do those. I will make pillows to match the quilt, but I didn’t want to do the standard matchy matchy kind of pillows, so it was timely that I saw here working on that rag quilt.

If you like quick and easy type of projects, here are a couple of links for making rag rugs. A great way to use up scrap fabrics that aren’t big enough for other projects. Keep in mind, the fabrics have to be woven fabric so that when they are washed at the end, the edges you create will fray, that’s what gives it that wonderful rag rug appeal.

An Important Note: DO NOT wash your fabrics before hand. I know you would usually do that to avoid shrinkage later, but for this project, you don’t want to prewash or your edges won’t fray when you wash it later. Here are some free instructions I found. Just Google rag quilting and you’ll find tons. Pay close attention to the washing instructions, it will make a difference in the finished product.

Rag Quilt 1     Rag Quilt 2     Rag Quilt 3

And this is my finished quilt from a few weeks ago. I will post the rag quilt pillows later.

qult1  quilt2

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