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Friday, December 18, 2009

Still no computer, but pictures non the less!!!!

This is getting to be just a bit much for me. Last piece of news about this whole thing. Dell underestrimated to the volume of sales the particular computer I ordered, would generate. So the absolute latest date it will arrive is January 7th. This news after being on hold for 2 hours, no lie, 2 hours and 5 people later this is what they tell me.
I am having to install programs on hubbies computer so I can at least try and catch up on a few things. I did not want to install anything because it's I hate invading someone else's space. He's very accomodating, but still......
I've got a few things to show you today. I made 40 of these little darlings to sell in a local shop and word has it they are going, so yay...that makes me very happy... They are a Caroline Erbsland freebie on the Dollmakers Journey website. Here are 3 pictures, more in the next post...

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