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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Workroom redo

So a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a wall unit that was exactly what I've been wanting for my workroom. It's got cubicles to place things, is  twice the size and is so much better than the one I had, which was unfinished wood and wobbled. This is a picture from their flyer.  Nice huh. It's not by any stretch the most expensive (it's particle board covered with something I'm not sure of, I think it said melamine in the flyer), but it's neat and clean looking. Of course I have filled it now with dolly and more things, but this starts my story.


Knowing I had to make room for this beast, I set about moving things out of this room and WHOA !...want an eye opening experience. Start moving stuff around and just see what you own. YIKES ! Someone else had to have put all of this stuff in here, it couldn't have been me.... Once I started moving things away from the wall, there it was. A wall with ugly and aged paint. I couldn't put a brand new (and really heavy I might add) piece of furniture against that wall. Two years ago I made a plan to redo this room, so guess what........This is the time....

It started with new paint. So far I've done two walls of painting, and one of wallpapering. I've never taken off wallpaper before, so this was a new thing for me. The only good thing was that the paper was so old it came off pretty well without to much of a struggle. I set about spackling what I wrecked in my enthusiasm to take the paper off.... Then the old wallpaper paste.... I did two techniques. A sponge and hot water to soften it, and a sander. Both worked equally well, and the sanding was the easiest and quickest. This is an in between picture. The  old ivory colour, the old paste and the new dove grey colour working it's way across.


A nice newly painted wall. In the center will be a shelf I've been needing to finish painting will hang in the center. It's a decorative painting piece with a cat. Soon  I hope.


And this side of the room is now finished and my office/computer area is neat tidy and organized...


The wall behind the bookcase is done, but still have things in front of it, so picture to follow. I've removed a chest of drawers, a plastic stand on casters and a different wall shelf and they lasted at the end of the driveway for less than an hour. Many many things are heading into boxes for the thrift store and some is being mailed off. It is becoming a case of "FINALLY". It's feeling so much better in here, even the air feels lighter. Clutter clearing is exactly what it's made out to be. Will post again when I have more to show (and presentable).

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