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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, July 6, 2009

A sewing day!!!

Early last week my friend Andrea and I were complaining that our closets are looking like early attic, late cellar. Our combined comments were something like "I'm sick of my clothes, and I'm sick of seeing myself in the same thing over and over". So I piped up and said....Well you own a fabric store and you're closed on Sundays so lets have a personal sewing day this Sunday. So we did. The Sidewalk sale was going on in Sidney as well, so I suggested she throw open her doors and see what happens. One or two sales is better than no sales, and she did get a couple of sales. We started at 11 and I left at about 4.

I managed to get 4 things mostly done. I only brought my serger so the finishing was done at home on my regular machine. I finished them last night and am happy this morning to be able to go to my closet and have more choices. We are going to do this again because we both thoroughly enjoyed it. My amount of sewing might be reduced to one or two items over time, but as long as I'm coming in with new and tossing old, it's all good. So here's what I did.

A pair of black track pants out of fleece...nothing exciting, but essential. A blue/tourquise top made with T-shirt knit, and a two piece outfit made from rayon. All the fabrics were from her store, brought in by others as trades. Such a great concept having the new and traded fabrics. I also have a picture below of some fabric for a top and pants outfit. The blouse will be a rayon, the pants linen type fabric, I can hear my skin saying "YES". I have a passion for soft and silky type fabrics, they always feel so comfortable. I also added a picture of a top I made a couple of weeks ago, also in a T-shirt knit. I am going to be to tops what Emelda Marcos was to shoes. The pattern for the tops and pants this time are from Stretch and Sew # 5235 Easy tops and pants. The top with the shoulder pieces is a Stretch and Sew # 334 Nautical Tops.






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