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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Open Toed Feet

I have always had a Janome sewing machine and I love them. My last one I had for I think almost 20 years. When I started making dolls I didn't know that I needed an open toed foot. Who knew. I am a solitary doll maker, so I learn as I go by trial and error. I don't have a lot of opportunities to share something I learn, but I do share when I can. When I finally figured out that my life would be dramatically improved by using an open toed foot, off I went to get one and came home duly satisfied with myself for being so smart. This is what I got.


Okay so what's the big deal ??? I'll tell you what. I have been using this foot for ages and each time I use it, I have to go through this agonizing exercise of unscrewing the whole unit for the other feet, and then screw this one on. Pain in the butt, but that's the way I thought it was to be. This is what I have to remove to use this foot.


That whole piece has to come off and the other put on. Normally on my machine I can just push that red button on the back, release the foot I'm using and just put the other one there and drop the presser foot to lock it in. So why can't I do that with the open toed foot. Off I went a few weeks ago to a class at a fabric store and while there I asked the question. I took this foot off the display and asked the clerk if they have this regular open toed foot without the center part. I told her my sad tale about how I spend a lot of time taking the whole unit off and screwing on the metal foot. Doesn't Janome make the opened toed foot that I can just lock in place and remove with a simple push of that precious red button.

Of course she says... I got excited...But we don't have any in stock, they're coming soon... Oh crap. But she says, we can cut the center part out, we do that all the time. I stood looking at her like I had just won a prize. Oh please do that for me...and off she went.


She came back with this regular foot, missing the center part. See how nice that little area is now, no center part. Now, to my complete and utter relief, I can change presser feet in a blink and keep on sewing without that break in momentum. I am a happy girl..... So, if you are in the same boat I was, there is hope. Look for these lovely little presser feet that can be dropped off and popped on in no time. Thank you Sawyers Sewing Center.


1 comment:

  1. I love when this sort of thing makes life so much easier. Ingenuity at its best!



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