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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring is in the Air

For some, the idea of spring coming is not even in their radar. They're still buried under mountains of snow and ice and waiting for more. For others, they're coming to the end of their summer and for Australia, I'm guessing that's a pretty good idea given how this summer has been for our Aussie friends.... I can't even imagine it.

In this part of the world, it's like a protected zone or something. We are so blessed because we don't get those terrible extremes. Today, it's 8 c, which for my Aussie friends is way to cold, but for my friends on the east coast of Canada, it sounds like sun tanning weather...well almost.

I was able to get out to the garden a little bit this week and start clipping back the dead and wintered growth and give the new seasons growth a chance to get going. The bulbs for the daffodils tulips hyacinths and more are poking their little green leaves out to see if the coast is clear. My peonies are all showing the first part of their growth as are the poppies. The bird houses are all up now except one that needs a roof on. I didn't even paint them, they are going au naturel.... ;o))  Some things will be dug up, they are getting to big for where they are and I want to plant things that are less clean up and will only grow so big...

The neighbours cat was checking out the possibilities for this years feast. He tries to make it a feast every year, and every year he gets knocked off his seat with the hose....but he does keep trying... Ever since we had our snow and cold cold winds in December, the birds have been staking out their claim to the houses that were left up over the winter, so they are quite safe and happy as puss can't reach them, no matter how he tries...


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