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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last projects for 2008

During these last two weeks, I finished a bunch of little things and am feeling quite smug to have finished off the things I wanted to do. It's getting closer to the midnight hour, the last day of 2008, and I got everything done, so I can start brand new tomorrow. First I made this Journal set (using the tutorial I wrote for covering a book with paper). It went to my Naturopath as a thank you for all her help getting me started on a path to good health. I used some wrapping paper I found in a book store.


I made a tree top angel finally. I've had this pattern for a while and now it's been made. The designer is Leta Benedict, but sadly she isn't designing any longer, at least not that I've heard. A shame because she did some really great projects. I have a collection of her designs, and in particular a favourite of mine is "The Secret". So here's the angel.


This apron didn't get done in time for Christmas dinner preparations, but there's always next year. I loved this panel and it even has faux gravy stains on it... ;o))


I also didn't get to use these placemats, but year.


I promised myself I would get my paintbrushes fired up and ready to go, so I did that. I painted a few ornaments and in the next while I'll be busy painting up something a bit bigger I think.



And the last project I completed, is this  set of fingerless gloves. When I run and it's cold outside, I wear some little spandex/cotton gloves. At about the halfway point, my hands start to get really hot, so off they come, but then of course they cool off again. What a dilemma. I happened to be in the yarn shop a few weeks ago and one of the ladies had drafted this ohhh so simple little pattern. I got some cotton and fancy trim yarn and here they are. Now I have the best solution. The main part of my hands stays warm, but without the fingers of the gloves, that keeps them from overheating.


And that's it. I wanted my last post of the year to be full of finished things and I made it.... See you tomorrow to start a brand new year.

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