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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Movies

This is a rather long post today, but you will enjoy it. It might be just about that time when you're looking for a movie break before the last rush of getting ready for Christmas is upon you. I've just listed some of my favourites, but there are tons of movies out there. Don't forget that if your Christmas spending is at an
all time low as it is for many people this year, remember Christmas movies can be rented for usually a really low price instead of buying them. Don't miss out some great holiday viewing, it's such a great way to bring family and friends together. Make up a few simple snacks and watch some funny movies together. Just click the images to go to the trailers.


Home Alone starring Macauley Culkin is as funny now as when it first came out. The trouble this little kid creates for would be criminals is a laugh a minute. Some great scenes of why you shouldn't mess with a kid that's home alone... There were 2 more movies made in the series, but the original one is still the best for me.


Faith Hill  Where are you Christmas. This is a really beautiful video of Faith Hill singing Where Are You Christmas and it uses the clips from "The Grinch" ala Jim Carrey style.


Jim Carrey The Grinch   This is hilarious and I can only imagine the crew working on the set would have had a terrible time trying to get anything done with Jim Carrey getting into his role so well....If you haven't  seen this, where have you been... ;o)


Elf as you've never seen an elf before starring Will Farrell is like no other elf. I'm sure you've seen this, but if not, another trailer to view. This is just so funny but the lessons all of these movies teaches us, don't forget about the simple things and stay close to those who are a part of your life.


National Lampoons Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase  One man who just wants to have an old fashioned Christmas, the best Christmas ever for his family. Starting with choosing just the right tree to lighting up the house and the turkey dinner. One disaster goes to another and yet another. It will make you so glad that perhaps your life isn't quite so problematic after all.


The Polar Express starring Tom Hanks
Have you seen this one. It's amazing with all it's animation. Perfection. The story of a little boy who finds Christmas again. Awesome addition to your Christmas viewing.


One Magic Christmas starring Mary Steenburgen
Great Christmas movie about a woman who has given up on Christmas until tragedy strikes. But is it tragedy or Christmas. Watch it to find out. I tried to find a trailer, but no luck, but I did find this review.


Scrooged starring Bill Murray
A modern day version of Scrooge with Bill Murray as an executive who is all work and Christmas is just a money maker. Watch how he goes from being a true Christmas scrooge and is transformed. I found this interview with Bill Murray from 1988 and there are clips from the movie..


The Nutcracker. I have the version from the image below that stars Mikhail Barishnikov....Fabulous. Based on a fairy tale of Clara, a young girl who is given a nutcracker for Christmas and it comes to life. If you like ballet this is a must see.  This is a trailer I found for the Nutcracker to give you a teaser. If you love ballet, you will love this.


A couple of newer ones that I really like to...

Deck the Halls.  Competing neighbours at Christmas. One who wants to be the "Christmas guy" in his town, the other needs to do something that's really big. Hilarious.


The Holiday...two women who just want to find Mr. Right instead of all the Mr. Wrongs, they switch homes for the holidays and the fun begins. A chick flick yes indeed.


These next three are a real Christmas Present .....

Public Domain Scrooge 1935
This version is on a public domain site meaning
it's available for download as is the next one on
my list. I had not seen this version and given the
year it was made, it still has the impact of the old
miserly Scrooge and the lessons he needed to learn.


Public Domain It's a Wonderful Life 1946

I found this in a public domain site and it's
a free download. The whole movie in it's perfect
black and white originality. If you have a fast
connection, no problem downloading otherwise you can
watch it online. Another classic you don't want to miss.


Scrooge with Alastair Sim  1951


There are many versions of Scrooge to watch and all the actors playing the role have put their own twist on the character, but for me there is no other Scrooge than Alastair Sim. It's always been a tradition for me since I was a kid that I always watch this on Christmas Eve. Nobody is allowed to interrupt during this time  even though I've see it over and over, it's just one of those things that I just can't miss a second of. Of course I always have my baked chestnuts to munch on to. Here are the links to view it in it's entirety. I wonder if there is anyone who hasn't  seen this version, it seems to be the all time favourite.

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

Part #4

Part #5

Part #6

Part #7

Part #8

Part #9

And lastly, if you are a reader and not a movie watcher, here is the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens ebook available for download.  Enjoy....


1 comment:

  1. Great post, Ro! Thanks for all the links.

    Would you believe, I haven't watched the Scrooged movie with Bill Murray? I've heard a lot of good things about it on different blogs this year so I've added it to my 'to buy' list. I've watched most other Scrooge type movies...loved them all. There was 'Scrooge' movie with Henry Winkler (The Fonz) playing the part of Scrooge which I really enjoyed too.

    It's A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart is another favourite of mine...beautiful movie!

    Jack Frost with Michael Keaton is another nice one that I enjoy watching with the kids.

    Love feel good Christmas movies!



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