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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A new project 2

Just a quick update. Orsino is in better shape today. He's pulled himself together. I'm busy now making clothes for him so I can show Michelle that I really am working. The class is so quiet, it's just the teacher and I chatting away to each other...So here is Orsino all put together and the clothing underway...



  1. Orsino is looking quite with it today unlike his confused state in the last post...hehe Nice work, Ro!

  2. He does look at little more organized doesn't he... He'll have more to show soon.. ;o)

  3. He is such a wonderful, colourful character.

  4. Hi Shashi, I am rounding the corner for finishing Orsino. I hope to post a final picture soon.. ;o) Thanks so much, Romona



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