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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Shoe Challenge Entry

Who else is out there and entering the Joggles Shoe Challenge. The deadline is looming, so if you're working on something, there's only a little more than a week at this point to get it finished. I've got mine ready now, just have to get it ready to send. Some details about it. For the base I used a wooden plaque treated with a mosaic design using Shell Laminates from New Zealand, and Frescolina for the textured look.
The mask is made with wool felt and embellished with white velvet leaves that I beaded to match the shoe, along with other trims, cabachons and rhinestones. The shoe itself is a black velvet shoe that used to hit the dance floor how many moons ago, but it's now covered with black and white velvet beaded leaves along with green
velvet and green silk leaves for contrast. I found a wonderful embellishment at a boutique, it was actually supposed to be a pony tail holder, but it has a new purpose. The theme that came to mind when I first heard about the challenge, was the Cinderella Story and I had just watched Ever After with Drew Barrymore, so it just seemed to fit. Here's a finished look including a very soft pink silk rose to finish off the look.


  1. Love your shoe Romona and how elegant it is. I love that you used to dance in it.

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous ... loved the theme ... really enjoyed your blog too ...

  3. OH, this is so pretty, Ro! Lovely work indeed and it does have a Cinderella feel about it....I've seen Ever After too ~ :)

  4. Wonderful, wonderful,wonderful - truly befitting Cinderella. Just so pretty and elegant.
    ....Marjorie. Australia

  5. Thank you ladies. I did work hard on this to create a certain feeling and I seem to have done that based on your comments. Thank you so much, Romona

  6. Your shoe entry is soft and beautiful! Wonderful colors and beading work. Great job Romona.

  7. Hi Connie,
    Thanks so much, lets hope it's good enough to win a place in the Joggles publication next year... Romona



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