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Friday, April 13, 2007

Quilt Blocks

I've been sewing these flower of the month blocks. Here is March.
I had some problems with the fabric that I didn't have on the other two. For some reason the fabric wanted to stretch out of shape somewhat and I didn't sew the pieces any differently than the others. Maybe it was the way they were cut for the kits...not sure, but I still like the effect of the daffodils, the first harbingers of spring, aside from the sweet little Crocus and Snow Drop.
Here is the February block. I love this one too, because I
especially love Violets. I was very happy to see that my
Parma Violet survived all the torrents of rain we had this fall and
winter, I thought for sure it had drowned, but a couple of weeks ago it showed it had survived....
And the first block I made was this one with the Carnations. Aren't the colours for all of them just so rich and bold... I will continue to post these each month throughout the year.


  1. WOW, Ro, these are looking pretty darned good from where I sit. Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers and also happens to be the flower for my birth month. Beautiful work!

  2. Hi Serena,
    Thanks so much. I am loving making these blocks. I just picked up the next block kit today and it's daisies... May is Lily of the Valley and June is Roses... Can't wait...Ro



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