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Monday, November 18, 2019

Week 45-52 Polymer Clay Challenge

I’m posting the last few weeks of the challenge here. The first three pictures are on my Facebook page, but the rest are not yet. You’re getting a sneak peek before anyone else. ;o)

Week 45 to week 47 are pendants. I was just playing around as a beginner does to see how the clay behaves with certain treatments. This first piece is a test with a rubber stamp. I cut the ovals, then used a rubber stamp cat paw on the front. I baked the pendant, then filled in the paw print with black clay and baked it again. I used some of the black white cane I made, and made beads to add to the necklace along with metal spacers in between. Our cat is a black/grey/white tabby with narrow stripes, so the beads are meant to mimic the stripes.


The next two pictures are pendants made with two layers of clay and using charms pressed into the top layer. It worked well and I learned from working on the tools back a few posts, that the clay needs to be thicker so that whatever you add, will have the depth you need to secure it.


The next set of pictures are all faux food and wreaths made with clay. I had so much fun making these, I could have kept going day after day making these, but I do have other projects to work on.

The wreaths are different seasons and colours, and measure from 1 1/2” across, to 2” for the largest ones.  The sweets are between 1/2” and 1”, and I’ll be using them at some point for my doll projects.

With both the wreaths and the candy, I did free hand embellishments, and added some glitz with glitter glue and gold leafing on a few of them. Here and there I’ve tucked in some beads, such as the gingerbread on one of the wreaths. So enjoy….


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