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Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I went back to Facebook a short time ago, but I did it with reservations. I really hate that social media holds you captive and preventing you from making the connections you want, but unfortunately, the world continue to evolve.

So you either have to find a way to use social media in a way that suits you and your lifestyle, or just get left behind and those are the only options. If you want to follow me on FB, the link is on my blog, in the left hand column. If you’re on my list over there, you will have seen this already, but for those who have not….

This is a Seahorse I started in a Linda Hollerich class some time ago. I had all the clay work done except the scales (?) on the body. I tried to make it female like hers, but I just seem to struggle to make girl faces in clay. But I do like him just the same.

I’ll post a couple of before pics before he was painted and adorned.


And here he is all done. For his body, I just did layers and layers of paint, one colour blending into another. I didn’t really have a plan, I just kept adding layers. There are tiny shells and strips of organza attached here and there, but only minimally. Too much and he’d look like one big barnacle.

When I got to the gallery to submit my work, I spotted the tiniest bit of glue on his right arm. Common sense would dictate, don’t touch it….. But I had to. If I left it and a customer picked at it, well you know the rest. So I gently pulled it off and of course a little paint came with it. A tiny slit of white, at most 1/4”. I went home, got a repair kit and came back.

I couldn’t possibly match the paint colour, so I came back with a few little shells, a couple of left over strips of organza and proceeded to cover that nasty little boo boo with those things. It actually was a blessing in disguise. I tend to be more minimal in my doll making, so adding that extra trim and shells actually helped to balance the look. Now it looks like some seaweed and shells caught his arm while swimming around in depths of the sea. I don’t have a picture of what I did, but if it’s still there when I go to volunteer, I’ll grab a picture…

The succulents on the base are made with felt, a bit of dried grass tucked in here and there, as well as a few felt balls and shells. I had thought about using Spanish moss, but it’s too flimsy and wouldn’t stick well.  I hope you like him.




  1. I saw him/her on FB. In one pic it looks male and in another it looks female. All in the perception I guess:)

    1. Funny isn't it... I see the same thing. Maybe I still have a chance to create a female face after all.. lol

  2. He turned out absolutely fabulous. Love all the coulrs and th details. Great job .



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