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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Flower Girl

This is my latest piece. It’s an original design inspired by French painter Catherine Chauloux, titled “The Florist”. This is the original painting that inspired me. I adore her style of painting, it’s whimsical, so much fun and rich with colour. It’s no wonder I was drawn to her.

The Florist by Catherine Chauloux

This is my interpretation in a 3 dimensional form. I called her The Flower Girl, without even realizing until I started this post, that her painting is called “The Florist”. I had no idea but what else would she be called. Here is the full length version with many more pictures to follow. I have her coming out of a flower pot, which has an inside base of glitter gravel, and paper roses like those bouquets she is holding.


A little closer look reveals that she is wearing a lace blouse that you can only sees snippets of. The lace is wide, but I had to piece it together in order to be able to use the scalloped edge for the ruffles at her wrists and neck. Inside the jacket sleeves, there are actual blouse sleeves, and the bodice is covered with lace as a complete blouse.


The skirt is made from a scarf, similar to that of a pashmina. Her jacket is a stretch velvet as is the beret.


The pot is actually more of a cherry red colour, but as is always the case, red is a hard colour to photograph for novices with no special filters. ;o~  I hope you like her as much as I do. I was so excited to see her done.

She will be at the Artisans show/sale which starts October 6th. Please check my WEBSITE for details. If you are local and planning to visit the gallery, be aware that the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships will be on right in front of the gallery, for the first week until the 14th. The parking lot will be full of food trucks, so only street parking will be available. Consider coming after the 14th unless you like all that excitement. ;o))



  1. Beautiful. Something really different and unique.

    1. Thanks Mary Ann. I really enjoyed this piece. Now let's see if someone else thinks so when she goes to the gallery on the 1st. ;o))



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