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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hatter Hats

I made two big Hatter Hat’s. One is going to be used to display my stick pins and brooches. I’m still thinking about how to attach them to the front of the hat. I tried one and the wire wanted to bend a little trying to poke through the fabric.

I might attach a piece of mesh fabric, the type you would use for making men’s workout type tops. It would be easier to work with for sure. For now, I’ll show you both hats. The first one is for the pins and brooches. They are both 12” tall, but the second one, I made more tapered at the bottom. For the pin hat, I wanted it upright for attaching the pins.


The second hat is for a draw we’re going to have. There are four of us now in this show. We all have different artistic points of view to offer. Mine is cloth dolls etc., another artist works with Paverpol, paper mache and canvas painting, the third works with polymer clay and creates some really fun creations. The new artist repurposes furniture pieces. 

So this second hat is for the draw. We are each making a small art piece to be given away, maybe a little shameless advertising for ourselves at the same time. Another thing we’re planning is a tea party later in the week. We’re going to collect tea cups and give them away as people leave from the tea party ;o~

Endless possibilities for fun. When we are setting up in July, I’ll be taking pictures and maybe some videos of how we set up. We’ll see…. still over two months away but so many details to think of. Enjoy.. ;o) 


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