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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Harmonica boy –Ted

The Small Expressions show is starting on Saturday. We can bring three items that have to be within 12” X 12” in size. When I was thinking about what I wanted to do for the show, I happened to be on an Etsy site I shop at fairly often. She had some mini harmonica’s and right away a vision of some men sitting around playing harmonica’s came to mind.

I ended up like always, staying with the theme, but not quite the same original vision. If you’re a doll maker, you know how that goes. You start with an idea and then it shows you the direction it wants to go. These boys of mine are all different and perhaps one day they’ll all be together, somewhere.

The first of my three harmonica boys is Ted. By the time he was done, he turned out to be a Grampa figure with his cowboy hat and all. He’s ready for a walk in the rain but for now he’s ready to play his harmonica, and it actually does work. ;o) He has his libation and of course his sheet music.


The umbrella is actually a pen. If I were to push down on the handle you’d see the nib pop out at the other end. When I saw this I bought a couple of them, they were just the perfect doll size. The other one was used on a commission doll a couple of years ago, I love finding these little treasures.


The base and the seat are covered with upholstery fabric and trimmed with a cotton trim. The seat part is a wooden wheel shape that came in a box as part of the stuffing to hold things still. Fortunately there were enough of them to give each of these harmonica boys a seat.


To finish, his slippers are made with wool felt, his trousers are wool, the sweater is a knit, the shirt and bow tie are cotton. I’ll post the next one tomorrow… Time for bed, very tired. ;o) Enjoy


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