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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Princess and the Pea

Another doll going to the gallery show. This is a Cindee Moyer class and had so much fun making all the parts for this doll project.

This is how the bed came together, I love building the props for my dolls. I used: pieces of iron rods, wire, cardboard, wooden pegs and doll stands, a painters canvas made of balsa type wood, (found at the dollar store) a fast drying clear glue such at FabriTac, fabric and a hairy pillow fabric that I’ve used to suggest a shag rug under her bed.


The bed did not have a head board, but of course I had to make one. The other picture shows how I pieced it all together. Too long to describe here, but hopefully you get the idea from the pictures. Around her posts, I made ribbon bows, and at the base of the posts, are jeweled trims. Along the headboard and base of the bed, is a multi coloured organza daisy trim and lace.



And here is the Princess. I am so happy with her, she turned out even better than I hoped. I’ve tacked her nightgown up to be able to see her bloomers and slippers. The slippers are made with pieces of gold lace stitched to her feet. I used a cotton lace around the bloomer legs, the nightgown is silk.


Her hair is Tibetan Lamb and I incorporated some strands of pink into the white to draw in the pink tones of her bed. Her hair band is a beaded trim with pearls and seed beads, the same is used on her bodice. There are also rows of tiny white roses around her wrists, neck and shoulders.


And don’t forget the story of the Princess and the Pea. There really is a pea in her bed.. ;o) Keep looking below to see for yourself.


If you’ve thought about making this doll project, it really is fun. Cindee does give instructions for the bed she made in hers, and you get to make a stack of mattresses, a pillow and cover and finally a quilt. To say nothing of how fun the doll was to make. And your own mark…  Enjoy… ;o)


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