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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Wonderland Tassels

I have four shows to prepare for this year. One is actually an advertising display for a week. Myself and two other artists have scheduled gallery time later this year, so we, along with others who also have a space will be setting up a mini display for the week of Feb.15th – 21st. We will each be bringing three pieces.

Leading up to our show, I’ve begun organizing what I will be presenting at the gallery. I was encouraged to make a fair bit of “bread and butter” type things rather than focus on making too many dolls. Best advice because lots of people will buy those smaller items, it’s people who specifically want dolls, that will come for those. Hopefully there will be some spontaneous doll buying too. ;o~

So with that, I’ll show you a little of where I’m at. You saw my Wonderland Rabbit in the last post, and keeping in the Wonderland theme, I've started making tassels. I have more to make but here is where I’m at as of today.

I’ll be back in a couple, or three days, to show you my next piece.  Enjoy ;o)


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