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Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Last Two Projects… for now!!

Before I tell you about these projects, I meant to post a link on my Christmas Troll post re: those cute little buttons I used. I was especially impressed with the quality of those little buttons. They have a nice finish to them and are thicker than other buttons of that size. This is the Etsy seller I got them from… and other buttons too. ;o) Christina is a very obliging seller when I had a special request. CLICK HERE

And now on to my projects.

I posted a while ago that I was working on a table for the sunroom. I finished it a few days ago along with another chest. The table is what I call my Cafe table. I found that great fabric for the tablecloth and the trim I used I bought on Ebay so long ago. (I’ve really been using up a lot of stuff in my stash ;0)

I made this table with a piece of wood that was cut for me originally for a different project. I then bought some spindles that are about 2 1/2’ tall. You can get the metal pieces at Home Depot and elsewhere I’m sure, and the legs will screw into those.

A note: Make sure if you do buy them, that nobody has tossed a plate in the box that doesn’t belong there. The ones I used are slightly different than the picture below. Mine are angled on one side, almost flat on the other. The one below is raised all the way around. But whichever ones you use, getting spindle table legs and screwing them in these plates, makes it super easy to make furniture.

mounting plates

So after attaching the plates, then screwing in the legs….voila… a table appeared. The colour I painted it looks blue in the picture, but it’s actually a colour called Hurricane, a dark grey. Sanded in between coats and finished with a clear coat.


The table cloth make the look complete for a Cafe table.


The last thing was to see how the lamp looked together with the table. From the angle of the picture it looks oversized, but in fact is just right.


The chest below is from an other post, it’s the one I repurposed a few months ago. It’s tucked in nicely in the corner with my pillows and afghan. The afghan is now on a chair back and some pillows are also on the chairs. The second project I finished is another chest pictured below this one.


It is approx. 1/3rd to a 1/2 smaller than the cedar chest. It originally came from IKEA (don’t you just love the instructions for putting IKEA furniture together… ;0~) Because I tend to be a minimalist I kept this very simple. It’s painted a clear coated like the chest above.


I wanted some kind of stand out embellishment but not gaudy. I managed to find some metal corners and this gorgeous flower drawer pull. It sits about 1/2” above the surface, just the right thing to open and close the chest. Below is a picture of the metal corners I added. I love the look. It’s simple and I guess kind of shabby chic, maybe???  Enjoy ;o)



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