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Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas to Ourselves

Do you follow my tradition of buying ourselves something special for Christmas?? It’s a make yourself feel good moment to treat yourself to something nobody else would think of. It can be wacky or just so utterly breath taking, only you will know what it is.

This year is a bit of a change. Normally we don’t do gifts to each other, we stopped doing that ages ago. With all we do through the year and just being together, it just can’t be topped by gifts.

This year however, we outdid ourselves, broke the rules and it’s a one time thing, never to be repeated. We certainly didn’t rush to do this, but with good reason. Expense of course, but more importantly, when choosing a person to take charge and create something for you, you just have to wait until that perfect person comes along.

We lucked out in a huge way. After checking out 5 other options, our 6th one paid off. We had/have the best contractor you could hope for. I have to give praise where it’s due. Time management, attention to detail, a crew of tradesmen and worker bees that know their craft and left us knowing all was well in the world of renovations/rebuilds. We only had to choose our flooring and window coverings people and I went back to those I dealt with before and it all came together so perfectly.

Why am I waxing on and on about these trades people??? Because with all the problem ones out there who have bilked people out of more money that can be imagined, I just felt I needed to add my voice to say that there are amazing people out there who do what you ask them to do and do it well. I will list the three main businesses at the end of this post. 

When you think of differed gratification, this is what you get. You wait patiently to reap the bigger reward. A small sampling from beginning to end. It started in September 2017 and ended just before Christmas, just in time to decorate….. we have our new sunroom.

In the beginning, a sad state of affairs. A mess created by original owners, wanting to perhaps save money, but in the end, a mess for someone else was created. It’s even difficult to post pictures like this. There was also a big tin shed behind this structure that was also taken away.



But it’s all uphill from here. ;o))  I won’t bore you with picture after picture of the journey along the way, just a few pictures as it came together to the end.

Demolition Day


Framing it up


New Roof (over the whole house)


Outside view. Big bright beautiful windows…. siding and window framing.


A new and proper landing, with a railing. A safe and secure door.


New hardwood flooring that matches what we already have, so now the room extends from the living room, way out to the other side of the sunroom… I chose the colour for the walls to match the kitchen and over time, the rest of living space will be done to complete the look.DSC01928

The finale was to have the blinds installed. Picture perfect. The cat seems to love this room so much, I find him in there all the time, just sitting as though meditating. Must be all that good karma from everyone that worked on this project. Now we can relax, enjoy our new space. Wishing all those tradespeople who helped us during this process and all of you who follow my blog, all the best for the holidays and the year ahead. Thanks for stopping by… ;o) Please check below for contacts.


Chris Marsh Construction     1198 Marchant Ro. Brentwood Bay, BC  (250 544-1051)

Allard Renovations  Guy (250 896-3027 (wood floor ref.)

Carriss Window Fashions  Marlene  (250 658-4206)


  1. How gorgeous! So happy to see the before's as we as the afters!

  2. Just beautiful Romona! I too got caught up in a bathroom remodel last summer and trips in and out of FL to set up the condo. Just decided to flow with it. The dust and dirt thing does get old! Hi to Radar from my kitties!



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