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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dotty–My Christmas Troll

In a recent post I mentioned wanting to do a Santa or Nutcracker themed doll for me this time. ;o) In between then and now, I saw a post on Ute Vasina’s blog, talking about doing a troll sew along. I thought, why not. I’m all done with all things Christmas that I put up for sale, so let’s do this thing.  Do you know Ute? If so or not, it’s not too late to get involved. She’s giving the body pattern for Oggie, free, and no instructions. It’s not a challenge exactly and not a time limit thing, just for fun. Check it out HERE….

A little about Dotty. She is my Christmas Troll and will take up residence is a special place over Christmas. She’ll be one of the “special” decorations for our new sunroom. She’s pretty stoked about that… Here she is with her matching tree.


At first I was going to have her lounging on the chaise


but once I got her shoes on, that pose was the one that I thought worked best. Before I put the book in her hand, she looked like she was so excited about “NEW SHOES”… ;o~


You know I love to make little books, I’ve mentioned before, well many times before actually.. This is a Christmas Wish Book and of course, she got near the center and let out a little squeal when she saw a little troll girl.  She spent quite some time going through her book and thinking of all the things she might like to have.



Her costume just came together organically. I didn’t really plan much other than the jacket. I initially planned to sew tiny buttons on some of the matching polka dots, but once it was on her, I had to make some adjustments to the size, and with only a small piece of this flannel, I couldn’t recut the piece, so I made a big pleat on either side starting at the front and carried on to bottom of the back. Stitched that down, then added buttons of multiple colours along the pleat and around the cuffs.


Her trousers are a stretch velvet and gathered just above the knees. Around her neck, that doesn’t show well, is a wine glass charm for a necklace. It’s a snowflake in the gold tone with a few beads on either side. Her leggings are a from a head hand, and finishing the look is her cherry red hair and bright green bow fastened with a red button. All decked out and ready for her Christmas debut… if she can ever get her nose out of the wish book. ;o)



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