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Saturday, October 28, 2017

More Pillows

Now that my projects for the gallery show/sale are done, I’ve been working on the things I want for the new sunroom. I am piling up things, and hopefully very soon this will be over and we can put our feet up and take a breath after the busy year it’s been.

These are pillows I finished the other day. Just very simple, no fuss. In the center of the green pillow I used a heavy gold metallic button with an anchor on it, and a thick piping around the sides. In the center of the blue pillow, I used a heavy silver button, I always like silver and blue together. Around the sides, I used a lampshade fringe. Although it doesn’t show, the blue print is birds on branches, and there are small leaves.


The next two pillows are made with a print fabric, with writing, botanicals and a pretty white owl. They are also button tufted and both have lampshade fringe on the sides. One is a medium green tighter fringe, while the soft grey is more traditional lampshade fringe.


For one of these print pillows, I used black onyx (I think) and mother of pearl (in the center) button. In the very center of the button is a pretty little star shape. What I thought was quite a nice surprize, when I turned the pillow over after stitching the buttons on front and back, I noticed the one on the back landed right where his feet are. Totally unplanned, but fun.


The other pillow with the print fabric, has a wonderful shabby chic feel to it. I found two nice big buttons in my stash that have rhinestones in them, and in a flower pattern of sorts. This time, after drawing the thread through to the back and fastening the buttons on either side, I discovered that the button had landed exactly on his right eye. Unplanned  again, but a great happy accident.


The final pillow is a bolster. I found this fabric in a clearance section and took what was left. Not sure why I went with a Paris theme, but I suppose like a lot of things, the reason will show itself sometime. The colour are black, grey, soft blue, with lots of images and writing all over.  I’ve also made a table cloth to match this, but until I get the table painted, I’ll hold off showing it.


On the ends of the bolster, I used big dark grey buttons, just plain ones. I then took a piece of the trim I’ve sewn on the tablecloth and wrapped it around the button, and secured the tassels in place. Being a pillow like this, it will be getting moved around a lot I think, so this will prevent pulling and tugging which would for sure pull the tassels out of shape or right off. So more another day when I finish painting the table. I have to make it first. ;o) Back soon.


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