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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tree Fairies or A Fairy Tree?

After a lot of fussing and tweaking and repeat, the tree was dressed with fairies. Then I noticed a glaring blank spot between the nose and the top, so another branch had to be added. I used a pattern by Brenda Coulter, but enlarged it by about 150%, so that it stands approx. 27” tall. Click HERE for Brenda’s Etsy shop. The pattern costs next to nothing, but was just the absolute best thing.

I did the branches a little differently, not by a lot, but because the fairies are displayed there, they had to be carefully placed so the fairies weren’t crashing into each other. Here’s the front view, can you see the face?

Using a selection of batik fabrics, I cut squares for the body and made a patchwork effect piece of material. After cutting out the pattern, you can see how they morphed and formed some nice curved lines, rather than just straight up and down. The branches are made from full pieces of batik, not pieced.


Here’s a profile picture. I haven’t put branches on the back side because this way it can go up against the wall and will hopefully not stick out too much. With lots of visitors at the gallery show/sale, I don’t want people bumping into it and the fairies would be most upset if they got knocked off.


I didn’t do any sculpting on the face, just applied the eyes and eyelids and stuffed the nose well. On the branches, I stitched on split rings to hang the ornaments from, even gave him a nose ring, just couldn’t help myself. ;o)


The finishing touch was to glue on some moss pieces here and there to give the tree a bit of a woodsy feel. Tomorrow I’ll post the pictures of the fairies and how they look on the tree. Half of the fairies will go to the gallery on Tuesday, the rest as needed throughout the 3 month show, along with a few Christmas themed ones. See you tomorrow… ;o)



  1. The tree is a perfect display piece for your fairies. Some one might end up buying him too :)

  2. Thanks Mary Ann. I made sure to tell them today that the tree is not for sale, that it's my display piece. He's awfully cute when he's covered in fairies. lol



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