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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Shabby Rose Fairies 2017

As promised, here are the Shabby Rose fairies for this year. I used approx. 23 different fabrics, and a few one offs. There are mostly two fairies for each fabric and those few one offs. For each set on fairy is flying with straight legs, the other will bent legs.

Their wings are made with a combination of feathers, floral spray leaves, and floral spray flower petals. I buy them at different times of the year, but at Christmas time I look for the flowers because of all the glitter and other effects they are treated with. I think the shop owners are getting used to me coming in for them, they know they are going to be dismantled.  ;o)

The other embellishments are seed beads for wrist and ankle bracelets and the faux perfume bottles I showed in a previous post.

Here you go with the parade of fairies, and at the end, you’ll see how I have half of them hanging on the tree (even through the nose ring), waiting to go to the gallery on Tuesday… You can hardly even see the tree anymore, the fairies are everywhere. lol  A little hard to photograph to do them justice. I would normally pin them to the board, but this time I didn’t put hanging cords on them, just regular hangers. Look in a previous post to see them, they are really pretty gold scroll hangers. I laid them in groups to photograph them. Hopefully you can see them well enough. Enjoy. ;o)



  1. Tons of choice cute:)

  2. By the time I got through all those, my poor thumb joints were screaming. I gave them some time off for good behaviour and an ice bag. lol



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