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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Art on the Rocks- Book 4 Review

My favourite of the four, why?? Because it’s photographed so beautifully, is so well laid out and so full of, 35 in total, sweet projects to paint. Years ago when I was into decorative painting, thee were a couple of books about rock painting that were wildly popular. I’m glad to see it’s not an art that has died.

I really did go a bit crazy with pictures, but it does show how much I like this books. Pictures can often display far better what the message is, than when I try to find words.


The pages of instructions are nicely laid out, and again the photography is perfect. Why I think that’s important is because there are a number of different things these artists used in creating this rock art and properly photographed tools makes life so much easier to know what to shop for. Two of the artists are in the US, the other is currently living in Italy.


I really liked this page that shows the different rocks you can use and how to prep them for working on.


By beautiful photography, this is what I mean. Look at this picture, I think this the prettiest page of the whole book. Aren’t these owls amazing, I can picture painting a bunch of them and the flower rocks below and displaying them in trees and other places around the yard. It just makes my brain fill with inspiration.


And not only owls and flowers, but how about some fish and our feathered friends. A favourite anywhere are hummingbirds.



And not to be left out, animals. You’re limited only in your imagination.


Do you need paperweights.?? Wouldn’t these be great if you’re outside and working on something to do with paper and can display these as your paperweights. Your options know no limits.



I love this project as well, I can visualize a bunch of these tucked into little spaces around the garden and a few of them in a bowl for decoration. On a table outside, you can use them for holding down a table cloth or napkins.


So clearly this book has struck a nerve with me and has my muse working to contain my overflow of inspiration.

Going from front to back, there are pages of tools and materials, selecting and prepping rocks, techniques methods and tips. It explains in easy to understand terms from start to finish, how to create your rock art.

After the instructional pages, the book moves into the different categories of projects you can do. Step X Step details are well laid out and each step easy to understand. I don’t think there is much more I can tell you. Your own version of rock art will be whatever you want it to be, from easy and simple to lots of wonderful details.

This books guides you through those degrees of detail and you’ll probably get hooked. The artists who did the artwork for this book are:

F. Sehnaz Bac     Her Etsy store here.

Marisa Redondo  Her site here.

Margaret Vance  Her Etsy store here.

I hope you enjoy looking at these books and that something inspired you. Have a great weekend. ;o)

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