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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hansel and Gretel

I finished this class with Angela Jarecki a few days ago. I don’t take that  many classes anymore, but this was just too cute to pass up. I enjoyed making these dolls and am hoping in the fall they will find new homes.

Here they are together and then some pictures to show what I did a little differently. Of course. For the most part I did things like the lessons, except one big change. I confessed to Angela that I changed the head pattern, I used a different one all together.

Basically I just didn’t like the shape of the one in the lesson. The head I used is also designed with a chin gusset but it just came together so much easier. This is the only major change I made, others used the head pattern that came with the class.

Angela’s dolls are free standing, but since I had these wood stumps and because they are Hansel and Gretel who lived in a small cottage in the woods, these bases seemed just perfect.


I have a stash of needle point wool and it’s doubtful that the printed canvases I have, will ever get stitched, but the wool made perfect hair. I mixed colours for both dolls so they would have some highlights throughout, like our own hair.

For their scarves… Hansel has a piece of previously dyed cheesecloth, which just happened to be the perfect compliment for the colour in his clothing, and it’s wrapped around for interest as is Gretel’s. Her scarf is from a repurposed silk scarf and I left some of the fringe on it.

The clothing is a mix of cotton prints, tapestry fabric for the hats, repurposed work socks for Hansel, stretch knit for Gretel’s stockings and felt. The shoes are made with faux suede. Hansel’s pants are corduroy with flannel used for sleeves, cowl and trim on the cuffs. There is beading on her vest and satchel and on his hat.


In the next picture, you can see that Hansel has found some sweet blackberries, while Gretel has discovered a blueberry bush. Hansel also carries a flashlight for those walks in the forest which can be very spooky. 

And that’s all. I hope you like these two. The class was on Adele’s site, it’s finished now, but maybe it’ll be back in the fall. Enjoy  ;o)


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  1. Fabulous job Romona. I love their sweet:)



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