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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cut & Create Paper Mosaics

This next book is about creating mosaic art with paper. I always try to be positive about books because a lot of work goes into research, writing and creating them. I was looking forward to this one because the cover is colourful and made me interested to see what more it offers.

As someone who reviews books occasionally, I have to be honest and give you my view of the book, and it is only my view. This is the first time I wasn’t that excited about a book once I received it and opened it up, but I will always try to find good and bad in each one to be objective.


I am not a paper artist by any stretch, having only done a few small projects, but I’m always open to learning new things. When I open a book it has to grab me from the start or I just can’t go forward with it because I know I will struggle to get through it.

This book is more of a kit than a book. When you open it, there are two sides.


One side contains the table of contents, one page of very short instructions, a page of tools and tips and then nine projects ranging from beginner to advanced, each project is over two pages. 


This picture shows the number of pieces to cut from the papers, the pictures are on the left.


The other side is a pocket that holds the templates, and papers to create the nine projects. The paper is good quality, the templates are clear, but I’m still confused. Look at that template. It would take me an entire weekend just to cut out the pieces and then hope I got it right. But now what.


I really want to like this book but for me it’s a kit and for people who understand paper work, in this case mosaics. Even though there are three projects for beginners, it’s lacking in instructions that a beginner can easily follow along with. Anyone with more advanced skills in this type of art would probably have no problem creating these art pieces.

I think it would have been better if the author had taken one small project and shown step x step how to construct it. After that, the nine projects contained in here, would be much easier to do.

So my pro’s and con’s.

The pro’s - I like the way the kit is put together, the projects are nice, the paper is good quality and the templates are clear and printed well.

The con’s – there isn’t enough instruction for me personally to venture into trying to make these projects. Sadly it will be put on a shelf and wait until I find someone that works with paper and knows what to do with this.

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