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Friday, April 21, 2017

Ultimate Art Organizer – Contest Entry

This is my second entry in the bag contest. It’s a tricky bag for a beginner and if anyone with intermediate/advanced skills would have no problem seeing a beginner had mad this. So glad you can’t see the insides of the panels. ;o~

But seriously, I really did enjoy making this. I used a panel of Laurel Burch fabric, and cut out part of the design for the front and back of the case, the inside panels are from another of her fabric line.


I did get stuck near the end, so poor Sara had to spend some emails to help me sort out what it was I stuck on. It finally clicked and it all came together, finally.

This is great project if you have art pencils, pens or ??? The first inside pocket as you can see, has a mesh pocket. Then what follows are 4 panels of pencil/pens or other similar items that will fit. The last panel has two zippered compartments. I made it like the pattern since it was my first effort.



It can be easily adapted to be used for other things. One sample I saw, the lady had made the elastic wider and across instead of up and down and put all her sewing machine needle cases in there. Other panels were used for other sewing accessories. I snipped this picture from Sara’s site (hope she’s okay with that), and wanted to show you the one I really liked for sewing accessories. Smart….

I mean really, how sweet is this. Even the fabric is sewing related. She used the elastic across to the hold the needle cases. There are see through vinyl pockets for zipper feet, a notepad on another panel and other pockets for more accessories. I seriously need to make one like this. This is so cool.

That’s it for now. I have been doing some hand sewing as well, so will post that maybe Monday or sooner. Enjoy, ;o)




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