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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Felted things

By about 8pm every day, I wander down to the living room to catch a movie or series episode on the idiot box. While I do that, I am usually knitting or working on some kind of needlework project. Just can’t sit still can I. If I did just sit, I would be asleep in about 2 minutes flat.

These little projects are what I’ve been working on at night. My plan is to make stacks of these in different styles for the coffee and end tables. I like the look, they are easy to care for by just lightly hand washing, roll in a towel to squish out excess water and lay flat to dry. They can also be ironed with no trouble.

I mostly use National Non-Woven felt, as it is stronger and a better quality. If you can afford it, spend the little extra to use that. The $ store brand is just a craft quality and won’t hold up that well to use.

So here are some candle mats. I made two of the cat ones from a designer whose Etsy site seems to have gone now. But the design is inspired by Laurel Burch, it’s called Fat Cat Candle Mat by Millersburg Country Stitchery.


This candle mat is a design called Rainbows and Wellies, by Graces Favours on Etsy. Click here. This is so cute and perfect for the kind of weather we get for many months of the year. It’s so bright  and cheerful.


You know, at one time the mobile phones were huge, just look at an older movie to see people using them. Hilarious. Then they started getting smaller and smaller, like a competition to see who could get the most technology into the smallest space.

Now however, they seem to be growing in size again.  My neighbour gets the new iPhone as they come out, so needless to say, she need a new phone cozy each time to fit them. This is the newest one I made for her. She likes that pouch in the back. It’s good for just carrying a bit of loose change or paper money, ear buds and so on. Hopefully she’ll use if a while…lol  ;o~


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