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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Blog is Open

I hope you all had great Christmas and New Year celebrations and stayed safe, out of harms way. Whatever you did to celebrate the season, did it all come together the way you planned??? I try not to plan anything anymore as most of the time, things change and that just frustrates me. I’m better off keeping my expectations low, it’s always works out that way. ;o)

I’ve opened up my New Blog now. It’s not completed, but it’s the first day of New Year and thought it would be a good time to share this with you. As I continue to bring things over from my web space, I’ll be adding to the pages you’ll find by clicking on the tabs on the new blog.

Whatever free little doll tutorials I have, are now on the new blog. The other mixed media type are still on this one, along with the stitching tutorials. I hope to add more but for now, I’m working on clearing up the web space and finishing the blogs.

So for now, if you have time to check out the new blog, please do. You’ll find the link in the left column, a little bird icon to click on.

If you find anything not working on either one, please let me know. I woke up this morning, to half of my images and links gone from my blog. Gremlins….perhaps. I did notice on another blog the same thing was going on there, so maybe some naughty people with not much else to do, have been making the rounds. Seems like a silly waste of time to me, but there you have it….

Take care and all the best for the year ahead. May it be filled with tons and tons of exciting new experiences and things to learn and create…

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