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Friday, December 2, 2016

Father Goose in miniature

I got hooked on a designer a few years ago and set out to collect a number of her patterns. That was a good decision because she isn’t designing anymore. You may remember her, Mother Earth and Me. She designs character dolls and I just fell in love with them. They have the kind of details I like and the faces are unique.

I was missing one pattern that I just couldn’t find and asked a friend who is great at finding things online if she would help try to track it down. Along with that request, I said I would make her a mini version of it as a thank you.  The full size would have been 28” tall.

She found in very quickly and now I’ve finished this Father Goose Santa for her, it’s already in the mail on it’s way to Ontario. The finished height is 14”.

The original pattern includes wings, but I didn’t add those. I also didn’t add the staff with the star and Santa face. This is the original.


And this is my version. I made the whiskers less bulky that the original as the smaller version and big full whiskers might have made his tiny face disappear into the background somewhere. ;o)

I hope you like him. I must make a full size one for my decorations. Hopefully his friend the goose will behave on the journey east. 


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