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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Changes in 2017

You know that comfortable feeling of everything being in order, the routine is working out well and life is good. You just know that it’s only a matter of time before something hits the ditch…..

I used to be more of a creature of habit, but over the past few years I’ve learned that nothing stays the same for long and you better get used to change. Am I sounding dismal…. sorry about that. Nothing terrible is happening, just time to shake things up beyond my control.

1: My ISP, Shaw…. is retiring some of their services, one of them being their free web space. This is actually a blessing. I’ve been tossing around the idea of closing my website for a while, and this gives me the push to do that.  So as I type this, I am currently building a new blog that is strictly for selling the creative things I make. I hope to have that finished soon, maybe about the middle of January. And what comes when you change sites??? New business cards. Done, check.

2: But it doesn’t stop at my site. I also had a small space for hubby, and have had to redo that for him. Done, check.

3: I also built and manage a friends website and in the New Year, very early, we have to redo her site which is also going to be a blog format… Coming soon, check.

4: Every program on your computer has an icon that relates to that program. My graphics program icon disappeared and was replaced by a windows thing. On checking the site, it turns out that program is now discontinued. Of course I only bought the new version a year ago…. arghhh. I now have a new program. This is it and it might be something you might want or need and is far less expensive than the higher end programs, and it’s getting some good reviews. It’s another learning curve, but it’s okay. Click here for the new program.  Affinity Photo  Done, check. 

5: But wait, there’s more. Time to renew cell phones. Ours were getting to that point where they can’t keep up, our service stopped giving free phones and if you renew, they not only more than double the monthly cost. I was not going to pay more than double the monthly plan fee and buy two new phones. I would rather go without than do that. Just by chance, someone put me onto a different provider. I called, they gave us a great plan, more features and two new phones for free. Done, check.

That’s enough going into the New Year. So with that, I want to wish all my visitors a very Merry Christmas. May the New Year bring you a fresh start to new and exciting things. I’ll be back soon to show you what I’ve been working on this month.


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