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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Phone Cozies

I had a request for a couple of phone cozies. I use this great little pattern from Larisa over at MMMCrafts on Etsy.  Phones are changing in size all the time, so if you use this pattern you will have to be sure to measure the size of the phone and make your adjustments accordingly.

I line my cozies with cotton fabric, (that’s not included in the instructions), I just feel it gives them more strength when taking the phone out and putting it back so often. I also have made a cozy for my tablet, even though it has a cover. I just like to keep things a little more protected.

I forgot to take pictures of the lining fabric, but the purple cozy has a purple toned plaid lining, the turquoise one I’ve totally drawn a blank with…. oops… ;o~


I posted this earlier this year, but this is the tablet cozy I made. I do have a cover already for it, but I wanted this added protection. It’s also more interesting to look at than the vinyl one. ;o~ The lining fabric also has birds on it.

I’m working on one last project for “others” and then the rest of the time is my own, to finally have some time to make things for our home that have been piling up and waiting patiently for me to get to them.


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