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Friday, August 12, 2016


This is my second little brown skinned doll. This is a design by Deanna Hogan, except that I changed the head. Except for rag dolls, I’m not crazy about pancake faces. My next doll is going to be a rag doll actually, so I will be doing a pancake face on her ;o) I really like this little girl, she stands just over 12” tall.

It’s a good challenge to do dolls of other ethnicities. It’s a good brain exercise to learn what colours should be used against which skin tones. Love learning. Here she is all around.


Her hair is needle sculpted to her head. I intended to give her a ponytail at the top of her head, but the whole while I was doing the needle sculpting, her hair kept flopping over to right side, so I said okay. You win. Adding the ribbon, and her hair was done.



There are no shoes in the pattern, but of course I had to make sure she has them on. Only you and I will know she has actual feet in there because I like to glue the shoes on the feet. I did, like the last doll, make the dress removable. She is wearing undies, so her modesty is protected.

To finish off, I stitched on some pretty ribbon roses and bunny charms. There is a border of straw ribbon around the lower part of the shoes. And there you are. Simple and sweet. Now off to make the rag doll. Back soon… ;o)




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