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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

More offerings from the Sky

What a treat I got yesterday. I know that the pictures I post here will not give you the full view of what I saw, but I hope you get to see this some day. I referred to this as an upside down rainbow. But in fact, it’s proper name is Circumzenithal arc. It was like having a rainbow smile at me. ;o)

My pictures were with my phone and not the best, but I’ll try to help you see them and then give you a link to see better photo’s. The naked eye view was so much better.

When you look at the pictures, you see a big white ball of cloud. Below that is a dark area and just below that, you will see the rainbow arcing upward. It was so fascinating. I couldn’t make up my mind which picture I liked the best, so I just posted all three. You know how it is with rainbows, you don’t get to see them for long, so had to take the pictures fast.

I won’t try to explain it in my limited understanding, but CLICK HERE to read more about them.




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