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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Sir Toby is Finished !

Sir Toby is done and looking ever so smart. My customer has seen the pictures, so I can show you now. She is so happy with the finished creation and will have it on Monday. ;o)

I’m showing a picture before I added the hat, so you can better see the neck ruffle and his hair. I really liked making the ruffle, it completely changed his look and made him look so regal as far as his character will allow.. ;o~


And here he is with his hat and of course eyebrows that I didn’t have on him in the last picture. I was using a ref. picture that had lots of facial hair, but I’m glad I left that part off and just gave him chin hair and moustache.


He is holding a beer stein as per his character in the play. I was trying to find a proper beer stein for him and there is an Etsy seller from Hong Kong that had them, but they are listed as charms. They are the perfect size. In that era, they would have drunk ale which is dark brown as opposed to what most people think of as beer, which is yellow.


The way I made it was to line it with some Angelina paper using the colour, Enchanted Forest and then stuffed it with Angelina Fibres the same colour. To finish, I poured in some glue than sprinkled in three different sizes of no hole beads, colour is Aurora Borealis. I let the tiny ones kind of drift up the side of the glass and I think it gives the impression of beer foam.

The extra surprize I’m adding, is a book I found in a thrift store. A friend and I went poking around in Cook St. village and then over to Oak Bay village. The very last store we went into was a thrift store. I wasn’t really there to buy anything, but as my friend was paying for her purchases, something caught my eye. At first I thought it was a ceramic ornament, but lo and behold, it was a collection of Shakespeare’s plays, 6 little books in a holder and what was one of them, 12th Night, where this character came from. These are the full play, not just a sample. They are bound in real leather and in perfect condition. Wow…how exciting. They measure approx. 3” X 2 1/2”.


I brought them home, made a mini bookmark based on a quote from the play and fastened to the inside of the spine, then made a pouch which will hang on the back of the chair. Couldn’t believe my luck. Now all I need to do is make five more characters from the other books. ;o~


And here is full view. I am very proud of this doll because it’s an original sculpt, ref. from pictures of different performances of the play. I designed and drafted the pattern using the draping technique and most of all, it will always be an original one of a kind piece of art for my customer. What more could I ask for. See you soon with more from my work table. Cheers from Sir Toby.


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