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Friday, April 1, 2016

Granny Power & New Venue

I’ve been making up for lost time from that “whatever it was” bug. Shame on whoever developed it and I will never be convinced that it wasn’t man made. However, moving on…..

I used Allison Murano’s pattern, Fairy Grandmother, to create this little group of dolls. They are about 10” tall and I have made them to hang on the wall. The original design also made them to be hung from a cord.

I decided that since I wasn’t selling at the tea shop anymore, it wouldn’t hurt to put out some feelers and see where I might be able to sell. I’m not worried about making big sales, it’s just good to be able to sell so that you’re not always making them. People still love handmade items, so it only makes sense to keep searching for a venue and let people know that you’re still out there. I developed a bit of a following, so I’m happy to find a place that will be accessible to those loyal people.

And I did find a place. I just took these cuties to a new location. I am now at Laloca Local and Global Fair Trade. Christine has a perfect setting for including dolls. Her shop is an eclectic mix of products from different parts of the globe and she is working to include more local artisans. I feel very grateful that she recognizes my art as something that she would carry in her shop.

If you live locally, I hope you will go to her store and take a look at all the wonderful products she carries. I especially love the woven baskets, they are so beautiful with all their bright, bold and yummy colours.

And now I suppose I should show you the little dolls. They are a take on the Raging Grannies that started in this area 30 years ago and has spread all over. Since I can’t use the name, I decided Granny Power would convey the same message. They are all different, some have mini books I made for them from pictures of their different venues, some have tea strainers for hats and all of them have character. And now back to my commission piece. Back soon with more. Enjoy ;o)


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