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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Whimsical Elegance

The Costumed Cat Dolls of Helen Cohen

I have another book review for you. This will appeal to doll makers for sure, but to cat lovers especially. What a gorgeous book. The technical side of the book is that it is approx. 8 1/2” X 11” in size, and a page count of 128.


At the beginning of the book in the introduction, Helen talks about her evolution of a self-taught doll artist and her love of historical costuming. There is a simple answer to “why cats” and that is a combination of her love of dolls, costumes and cats. I’m right there with her.

Helen does not sculpt the heads, she buys them ready made but she does do the painted details on the faces, to give her more time to work on the costuming.

The introduction flows along about why she created this book, and like me, she loves coffee table books. This is so beautifully put together, the glossy paper, the photography is top shelf. Wouldn’t I love to be able to do that kind of photography.

Presentation is very important and each step along the way, you can see her attention to detail to present her best work.  She explains her approach to a new doll and the process she uses. Helen also includes information about fabric and how to bring different fabrics together and why.  At the end of the book there is a detailed Glossary of Terms to explain all the costuming bits and pieces, 6 pages of terms, amazing.

And now for some examples of these amazing cat dolls. For each doll there is a full page description and story about the doll, including the list of fabrics, ribbons, and abundant embellishments she has used. Let’s begin and trust me, I had to restrain myself from posting pictures of every cat doll, but there are 31 of them. ;o) Most of the dolls shown, comes with a full size picture and two pages of close ups of the costuming. Enjoy ;o)

Aristocatic Gentleman


Blue Rhapsody

02bluerhapsm     03bluerhapsm

Cat’s Cradle (my favourite). Where’s the cat? Check the Marotte the Jester is holding. ;o)


Cat Bird


Catch a Falling Star


Her Royal Catness


I AM Trying to Look Regal


If You Want the Best Seat in the House, You Have to Move the Cat


A Lady of Quality


Oriental Plumage


Pink Purrfection


Princess Caterina


Royal Bag Lady


Sitting on Top of the World (love this one too)


Thinking Outside of the Box


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