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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Good Karma Brings Lovely Surprizes

Over the last few months, I was sorting and clearing as I always do at least annually. Our workrooms are there for our creative times, but if we don’t manage them well, they do tend to over take us and the opposite happens. I have mailed off boxes of things to people and in one case loaded up a friends car twice with piles of books, fabric and accessories to share around.

Whatever can’t be used by them, will go to a charity that makes up boxes for ladies in other countries, such as cookie tins filled with sewing notions and sent off as kits to places where those simple things are just not easily had.

Years ago I took big bags of knitting yarn to a shop that was knitting for the homeless and she had a group of ladies that would meet to do that every month, it lasted for a very long time. There was also a group here called Silver Threads, that has since moved to a new location. All those things and more do add up and give you good Karma points as long as you don’t do something bad that takes them away again.

There is a saying out there that goes like this, “no good deed goes unpunished” and I experienced that in December. Basically it’s like this, that there is for whatever reason, a cost associated to doing a good deed for someone. It doesn’t seem to make sense does it, but when you really think about it, it does. I saw this statement when I was researching this idea of no good deed goes unpunished. 

“Those you do the most for will end up hating you the most”. And I have proof of that statement…lol It seems like you would earn Karmic points for doing your best for someone, but apparently, it doesn’t work that way.  Now my personal theory of how I live my life. I keep it simple and keep my “true” friends close and really pay attention when my intuition is telling me something. That I should be careful with what I’m about to do or who I am speaking to. Trusting your own instincts is always the most reliable source of truth. 

This past three months has really held some big challenges for me, but that’s all in the past and I’m moving on. Where I started this post  about good Karma, comes around full circle. Two days in a row this week, the UPS truck pulled up and the drivers presented me with two big boxes of doll making supplies.

I was so shocked and happy at the same time when all these amazing things arrived. Everything I use was in these boxes, including some things that will only serve to elevate my creativity. Thank you to my generous benefactor so much for all these wonderful things, you can’t begin to know how much this means to me. There are meters of felt, doll body fabrics, trims, special fabrics, hair, real fur scraps, and bags and bags of suede scraps, perfect doll size pieces, and more goodies as well. I appreciate this so much.

I think I will be having a wonderful time with my doll making for some time to come. As soon as I saw the bright red suede, my mind immediately went to the idea of a red Santa. While I don’t generally go with the red Santa’s, I just have to do something like that with this particular suede… Oh my, work work work…

Have a great day… ;o)



  1. Oh my goodness Romona! What treasures!!I would be in tears!!
    Do you find that almost as soon as you give away things and clear a space, something else comes along!! On my blog I have a lady (Elizabeth Gilbert) who talks about Creativity. The 2 You Tube videos are quite interesting!On my post about drawing, I have a link to a talk she did on Australian Radio when she was here for a Writer's Week event.

    Her stories are quite something!!
    love your Facebook page.I got out of Facebook because I spent too much time on there. Like seeing just a few like yours who are doll makers and have similar interests.

  2. Not forgetting the old saying, "What goes around, comes around". You bless others (with no thought of return) and someone has blessed you. Good old fashioned stuff. Enjoy, my friend :-)

  3. Oh my goodness...Christmas in March....LOL That is quite a wind fall. I'm looking forward to seeing the red Santa:)



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