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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Open Live Writer–Update

A while back I mentioned that Microsoft was no longer going to support Windows Live Writer  And that a group of very generous freelance programmers and others, were working to make the program open source. They have come a long way to doing just that which makes me very happy…


If you use the blogger platform on Google to create your posts, you must know how frustrating that is. I found it to be the case until I started using Windows Live Writer years ago.  Now, this new open source version, Open Live Writer is back up to speed like the original program. There are still changes in the works, tweaking things as they say, but the main part of the program is working great.


The biggest change is that now those of you who use a Mac computer, Word Press for blogging and others, will find it works for you as well. I am not here to suggest there won’t be problems as they work things out completely, but certainly from what I understand, things are humming along well. There are still changes coming, but this version covers all the main working parts for posting.

If you haven’t used the Windows version in the past, you can try this one now. The features I like:

  • You can insert pictures and it doesn’t shoot the text up or down the page. It puts the picture where you have your cursor.
  • You can update the theme so that when you type your posts, you can use the preview feature to see how it looks, and when you come back to edit mode, nothing has moved from where you put it.
  • You have more font options
  • You can put your posts into categories easily

In general it’s just a great all around program. If you want to use the program, you can download it from the site, click on the logo.


If you want to follow to conversation and keep up with the changes click on the logo below and register with them. That way you can ask questions.


Just to conclude, the program is not hard to learn and if you have worked with blogger all this time, you will find using this a breeze.. Enjoy ;o)

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