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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Trilogy of Reviews–Part 1

For you Tilda fans, do you know that she has a new book that was released just in time for Christmas. It’s adorable. It is even more directed toward children this time, but in true Tilda fashion, she has incorporated projects and embellishment ideas for we bigger children too.

This one is called Tilda’s Toy Box. A hard cover book, availabe through but of course should be available everywhere Amazon lives. It’s a really beautifully put together book, measuring 81/2” X 9”. Like all her others, the staging is perfection. I don’t know who does that but they are worth whatever it costs because I always feel like I want to make everything in every book, so that goes to the presentation doesn’t it.


She has several toy animal themes in this book. Parrots, whales, snakes (yes snakes – but they are cute snakes), fish and my favourites, these long lanky monkeys. I think I would make one of these just to have hanging over my workroom door. You can see in the background, Tilda has also included them in the pillow and throughout the animal section she has, like she always does, brought her gorgeous fabrics into every part of the display. From pillows to quilts, and other decor features.


Throughout the book she incorporates these oh so cute little dolls. She has them dressed in the fabrics used in the themes, one even has an eye patch to go with her parrots and pirate theme. There are patterns and instructions for the clothing and embellishments.


And if that isn’t enough, she also designed what she calls a “handbag house” for girls or boys (why not carry snakes in them)  to store and carry around their precious dolls or animals. How clever is this, what little kid wouldn’t be all smiles with this.


Her quilted projects are always so perfectly created and presented, what more can I say about them that you havent’ thought yourself if you’re a Tilda fan. The book includes the directions for them. The themes she’s created for the rooms, such as the Sea room, also includes the instructions for making a faux sailing ship, cabana and so on. Really..;o)


For the bigger girls, she even created designs for us. How about a house shaped sewing kit. Like mom, like daughter. Maybe a project for both to do together. Teach them to sew when they’re young when they soak it all up like a sponge.


And this little compact bag for anything from little sewing bits, to maybe a little bag to carry a small project to work on if you travel or simply a make up bag. Whatever you use it for, it’s small enough to tuck away in your regular purse. For the purpose of proportion the clasps on top are 3 1/2” wide.

While going through the book to point out some highlights, I saw more that I didn’t cover here. If you are a true Tilda fan, you’ll know that is always more to see that you never see in the first few passes. So enjoy and I’ll be back in a couple of days with part 2 of the Trilogy of Reviews.


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  1. What a gorgeous looking book and I never knew that Tilda was a real person, I always thought it was just a description for that style of doll! Thanks for the education Romona! Deb xo



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