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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trilogy of Reviews-Part 2

This is a new book released recently by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. The book is “The Art of the Contemporary Doll” by Sandra Korinchak. It’s a beautiful table top book that you can just keep picking up and reading about the next doll artist and feel inspired by their work. I am not surprized to see Ankie Daanens work featured on the cover. Ankie is as good a teacher as designer.


This book represents 56 doll artists who work in probably every medium you can think of, from all the various types of clay including air dry and oven baked. There are cloth dolls, some are both cloth and clay. Wooden carved characters, reborn babies, abstract to primitive to modern dolls that resemble miniature humans.

There are 128 pages of amazing dolls, to enjoy. The pages are printed on high quality paper with a slight shine to it, but not glaring. Just perfect to give the best possible view of each designers work.

There is something for everyone’s taste, an excellent overview of the endless styles of dolls being made in our day and time. I won’t go into all the details of each designer, but will provide links where they have been provided. The pictures show the diversity of the artists but this is just a small sampling.

A type of doll most people would think of from the past but still remains popular for some doll makers, are porcelain doll. This work is created by Suzanne McBrayer Website here. 


Susan Fosnot’s work is cloth and painted faces, with a primitive style.


This style of doll is faceless and open to interpretation as to what the designer wanted to espress. This work is by Tanya Montegut.


The next style of doll, are felted dolls. This artist is Laurence Bergeot Vereb. These are needle felted over wire armatures.


The next two artists are Jerrold E. Reilly who has done this whimsical wood carving and acrylic paints,  of Humpty Dumpty , followed by Kevin Buntin, who works in polymer clay. Love both of these pieces and they are so polar opposite of each other.


The next two artists featured are Alexandra Soury. She has a unique style and is unafraid of expressing herself.  Below her is Rebecca Cano Boyero, I have put their art together because they both express a very specific creative style of art dolls.



The last two artists I wanted to share with you are Nina Tugarina and followed by Karen Baker. These two artists represent the type of dolls I am most drawn to. I always like to refer to my dolls as mini people, so I like them to be dressed that way. Karen Baker is also an amazing Jester artist, without knowing that before seeing her work in this book, I hadn’t heard of her, but now that I know, I will for sure keep her bookmarked.



As I said, this is just a sampling of what is in this gorgeous book. With 56 artists to read about, this is definately staying on my coffee table. There are some very well known doll makers featured and some that I have never heard of, so thank you to Sandra Korinchak for putting together so much talent in one book and for the great presentation by Schiffer Publishing. A highly recommended book for any doll maker that needs or wants inspiration.

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  1. What an incredible diversity of doll artists, as you said something for everyone! Thanks for the review Romona, looks like a fabulous book. Deb xo



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