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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Addition to our family

A few years ago, I reassured a close friend, that when I was needed, I would take her cat Chrissie and care for her. Unfortunately our friends time came last Friday morning. I got the call around noon.

But a couple of hours before that call came, I was just working on a little knitting project. Out of somewhere, I don’t know where, I felt kind of a nudge in my chest and then felt this feeling of relief come over me.

I kind of interpreted that to mean that my muse was waking up and letting me know that this “time out” I was taking was over and I needed to get back to my workroom. Well after the call came, I knew what it was I had experienced. If you believe that people let you know they are moving on, then that’s what I felt that nudge was for.

Since then, it’s been an interesting few days of integrating a new cat into our home. The first day, she took charge  and sent poor Radar running for cover. The next day, it was her doing that. Now it’s just a day to day thing, where these two are feeling out this situation and each day there is less tension.

There is a bit of hiss you, no, hiss you, going on, but it will settle down. It helps that the neighbours cat comes everyday, he’s such a Zen cat, that he brings a sense of calm to them. Max is a very cool cat.

Poor Chrissie though, she’s on a new grain free eating plan and has to go up and down stairs. All very good for her because she needs to slim down. ;o)  Here she is. and I’ll be back soon with the last of the reveiws for now. 



  1. She is a beauty Romona! No doubt you are extremely intuitive! I believe your kitties will adjust.... just takes time but you know that!

  2. She's lovely!! As a mom of five, trust me, they may not all love one another, but things will calm down. I wanted to take the time to thank you! By taking Chrissie you have saved her from going to a shelter, and most likely not getting adopted due to her age - so, you saved her life :) thank you & the fabulous feline five say "meow" :)

  3. You are such a good friend~and cat lover! Good Luck with your kitties adjusting.
    That is one lucky kitty!

  4. Thank you ladies. It's really not hard to take in another cat needing a forever home. Had this not worked out there was a backup plan in place to go a family member of Gwen's, but no way would I send her away to a shelter, there's always a way to work things out. She's learning to socialize with other cats, something she hasn't had to do for most of her life. She's 7, so still lots of time to turn that around. ;o)

  5. You are a very good friend Romona and I am sure that Gwen was able to pass in peace knowing that you would care for her beloved Chrissie. It is amazing how many people relate the same type of experience as you had at the time of Gwen's passing. Our energy can never be destroyed so when we leave this plane, perhaps this energy does pass through those closest to us as a way of saying goodbye? It's a comforting feeling to me to think so. Deb xo



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