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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Leta Benedict–Mini Santa

About a year ago, I put out a call to a couple of friends to find something for me. Leta Benedict is my all time favourite designer but she doesn’t design anymore, sadly. I have all her doll patterns, but her mini Santa has elluded me for ages. I couldn’t find it anywhere and Leta herself doesn’t have a copy of her own either.

Now I know I can easily reduce her other full size Santa doll pattern and make it work, but if you’re anything like me, you want what you want. LIke a dog with a bone. A facsimile is just not good enough, but after exhausting all my options I called on these two friends. I told them both if they find the pattern, I would make them a Santa. One of them tried and tried and just couldn’t find it either.

I then asked the second person and the next day he found it. A person in the doll  club he’s with, has it. She didn’t want to part with it, but said if Leta would agree to let her scan it, we could do that. I contacted Leta who said that was fine with her, and the next day, I finally had the pattern. Perseverance pays off. Even though it’s not an original I am just happy to have it.

I was so busy leading up to Christmas, I just couldn’t get it done for either of us, but now I’ve done them. Mine is hanging in my workroom, my friends is on the way to him. He wouldn’t let me show him a picture, he wants to be surprized. ;o))) Here they are. Mine is the red with black and white checks. The purple,  gold, green combination looks really regal. My Santa is holding a mini blown glass ornament of another Santa, my friends Santa is holding a snowman. They measure approx. 5” tall.

Anway, tick that off my list, next !!!



  1. I really like both Santas Romona, but my favourite is the Green one. He's a bit different.Like the check on yours!

  2. Wonderful Romona, so glad you were able to track down the pattern! Deb xo

  3. Just catching up again Ramona. Your little Santa is so cute love him.



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