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Monday, December 21, 2015

Santa in Grey Black and White

This is the second Santa for my customer. This one is quite different, he is all decked out in grey black and white. It’s such a different look. I’ll start with a full view. The trim on his coat is a really soft faux fur, the whiskers are real mohair locks. He has a cardinal that’s found a rest place on his shoulder.


On his hat I’ve attached a drapery tassel. It worked well because it’s large so the proportions were a good match. The coat and hat are made with upholstery fabric, the coat is lined with a simple black polyester lining. The back view shows you the backside of the cardinal. I really liked the idea of putting him on the shoulder, it’s like his pal travelling around with him. ;o)


In the close up of his face, you can just make out something red under his whiskers. I made a faux ascot using a red/black checked cotton print. I have it tucked inside his vest to give it just that little
“what’s that bit of red there” moment.


His belt is very wide and heavy, and is a faux leather. There are silver buttons joined with chain across the very robust stomach. The pants are felt as is the vest.


His shoes are felt, with black bear fur repurposed from old fur coats.


The Santa sack I kept quite vintage Victorian looking. The is a glittery birds next like in the picture just above, a Santa key so he can gain entry into homes without a chimney, an old looking rocking style horse, a wicker star, and a glittery staff and soldier to complete the look. Tomorrow I’ll post the Mrs. pictures. Back soon.


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