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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Live Writer–Open Source

For a few years now I’ve been using a blog posting program called Windows Live Writer. Recently this program has been released as an open source program. Here is a link to read what that means.

There is a group of tech’s who are working together to work out the bugs in the open source programming to make it work for everyone, so of course that means that some things aren’t working yet. The basic program is, so I can post what I want, but specifics like labels aren’t there yet.

Because of the things that still need addressing, I didn’t realize that those of you who get my newsletter, haven’t seen the text of my last two posts. The screen I’m looking at right now is a white background and to be able to see what I’m typing, I had to change the colour to black. I can’t even see the post title unless I highlight it with the mouse, but even then I can’t change the colour of the font because it’s blocked from me being able to change it. In the last two posts, I just typed in black and then changed it back to white, because on my actual blog, that’s the colour of the text against the background.

What I didn’t realize until I got a newsletter myself (I get my own to make sure they are coming through), was that in the newsletter you can’t see what I’ve written in the post. Therefore, the Santa post that just came in the newsletter and the Mrs. Claus that will probably come tommorrow, you can’t see the text.

If you want to see the entire last two posts, please come to the blog to read them. At least now that I’m aware of that, I’ll be sure to change the font colour when I first post so the newsletter readers can actually see the text, and once that is sent i can change it on the blog itself.

The people working on the bugs are all volunteer tech’s and are doing this on their off hours from work etc. so patience is a virtue. I’m just happy to still have the program to use for blog posts, it really is the best around even with the hiccups just now. If you want to use the program, or even just wait until it’s all worked out, here is the link to the download.

Thanks to my newsletter readers, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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