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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Who Trees 2

Here you are, my other three Who trees I made. I mentioned the felt I used in the last post. I corrected the name, it should be National Non Woven felt. If you decide to make these trees or anything for decorating, I can’t stress enough to use good quality felt.

The craft store felt is just that, it’s craft quality. It’s a good felt for making crafty things with kids, but if you want to make things that will last, you really are better off using a better quality. Why go to all the trouble to make something special only to have it start to fall apart soon after.

If you compare a piece of good wool felt to a crafting felt, you’ll right away see the difference. The better quality felt has a tighter and more substantial feel to it, as opposed to craft felt that is more loose and lighter in weight. It can’t hold up to the stuffing you do with ornaments, or these trees. Anything that requires tight stuffing, the craft felt can’t handle the pressure of the stuffing.

I generally buy my felt from, but there are similar types of felt available on Etsy. A good example is BenzieDesign. There are other sellers as well and the beauty is, they don’t all carry the same colours. I love Joggles because I can get the majority of the colours I need from Barb. But if I want something with a colour she doesn’t have, which isn’t a lot, I can head over to Renae at BenzieDesign. Renae also carries Guest Curator felt collections. Artists like Gingermelon and MMMCrafts for example, have Renae make up felt collections with or without the floss colours. It really is worth the extra cost for good felt.

Before I show you the pictures, check this out. So much fun. This is a tutorial for making a Candyland Christmas Tree.  Really oer the top but beautiful. What a great tree for young and old, I’m sure most men would look the other way….lol….but what the heck, it’s only for a short time once a year.  And, I went to her website and have added this link to her tutorials.

With that, here are my other trees…


This red tree has already gone to a customer. My neighbour has a Danish sister in law and thought this would be a great hostess gift for later this month. Couldn’t agree more. The red seems to be a very Danish colour.


And here they are, all together. Reminds me so much of Whoville when I see them like this. Enjoy and get your Whoville spirit on, it’s only a few weeks to Christmas… ;o))


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  1. I see you have been very very busy :) I always but my felt from Etsy vendors as I find it's a much better quality and the colour choices are amazing.



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