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Friday, November 6, 2015

Swaddled Babies

This is such a cute project for the little people in your life, whether they are your own or grandbabies or friends toddlers. It’s so natural to see little kids walking around holding their favourite toys in their hands or sleeping with them. Not having had kids, I do at least know this to be true. ;o)

In this case, I’m guessing it would really be more girls than boys, but none the less, these would be a fun gift for any child with a few simple changes to the fabrics, to make them more boy friendly. You can also change the face fabric to reflect whatever skin tone you want. In this case, being that I am in a hurry to get everything done, I just kept to one colour, but if they sell well, I will look at more ethnicity next time. They are a Mimi Kirchner design found on Etsy.

The idea is that the babies are wrapped inside blankets and all you see are the faces. There were so much fun to make. I could have made sleeping faces as well, but next time, depending on how these are received. Haven’t quite figured out how we’ll display them, but it’ll all come together.

I used Mimi’s basic ideas for the fronts of dolls and changed some things around and added some of my own ideas to the mix. The hats are either Minky, stretch velvet or a knit rib fabric. The bodies are all National Woven felt, the trim around the faces is a mix of fabrics or ribbon. I recommend using only good quality felt for these. Mimi has used reclaimed sweaters and other types of wool fabrics from the thrift store and gives instructions on how to prepare them for use.

The blue one below is my own idea. With the pink one, I had this Mini Mouse ribbon in my stash and just built up on the idea to incorporate the red/black somehow, so that design is a combination of hers and mine.


The two below are Mimi’s designs on the front, but with the little birds, I changed the positions a little.


These designs are my own idea. I like how the crescent moons and the stars came together.


And this last one is just so pretty. I have some hand woven felt and it was a perfect touch for the wings on the birds. I also bought Mimi’s Owl pattern which is the same idea, but that won’t be for this year.. ;o)  So enjoy, and I’ll be back with more early next week..


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