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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More and more fairies

Well I almost got the last of my ornaments done on time. However it’s okay because the tree at the shop is loaded with them, so the few fairies I have left to put together will make their arrival in a couple of days.

I made 10 Shabby Rose fairies at the beginning of the year thank goodness. Sunday night I all but finished up 17 more to take in yesterday to decorate the shop. By 10pm on Sunday, I had to go to bed with a vision of early wake up call to add the final touches to them.

Here are the pictures of the next batch. Each one is just so cute. Every time I make a new one it’s my favourite until the next one of course. In this picture, the yellow fairies is on of a few plus size ones.  ;o) If Project Runway can have a plus size designer win Season 14, I can make plus size fairies.

I used a knit fabric and carefully stuffed them, albeit not so much as the others. The knit does tend to stretch, but not bad if you keep an eye on it.


In this next picture, it’s the purple fairy at the bottom that owns the plus size body.


And here are a couple of close ups of two of my favourites, but don’t let the others know that… ;o~  With 13 more that just have the last bit of hair, headdress and bits needing to be attached, they will go to the shop in a few days. The last of the fairy pictures are coming very soon.


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