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Friday, November 13, 2015

Hanging Ornaments – an idea!

A long time ago I posted about an ornament stand I had made. It’s a pale blue one that I made for hanging ornaments for anytime during the year. This is from Easter last year so you can see the difference with my new Christmas one.


I managed a little time to make one for Christmas ornaments.  It’s a very easy stand to make. I used two boards that came with shaker pegs which are designed to be on the wall for hanging jackets or?? on. I used 1/2” dowels. The stand is 2’ by 2’.  The boards come with holes drilled for the shaker pegs, so you just need to cut the dowels to height you want and make sure of the hole size. I am assuming you can get longer and shorter sets, this one just happens to fit for Janet’s shop without being in the way.

The Christmas colours are slightly off the traditional red and green, I’ve used Cranberry Sauce and Rustic Charm. The paints are from Country Chic, are water based for easy clean up and non toxic. Perfect for DYI projects, for creating distressed furniture and more. They were featured on Dragon’s Den, I just had to check it out.  I was glad that one of the Dragon’s (Jim Treliving), discouraged them from trying to get into Michaels. I think this paint is so good, that in some place like Michaels it just wouldn’t have gotten the right exposure it deserves.

I found a local seller and decided on these two colours. They are brighter than they appear below.


This is the stand now that it’s put together.  I had hubby drill holes along the dowels and some on the top piece. On this stand I measured it to include 4 hooks on each dowel and 4 more on the top piece. I used 5/8” cup hooks.  I like the two colours I chose, and when you see it in real life, the cup hooks being a gold colour just seem to sparkle adding a nice Christmas feel to the finished ornament hanger.


I’ve dressed it up simply with a bit of greenery around the base, and is also a good place for the lower ornaments to rest on.


I hung the smartphone cozies and felt ornaments on it to show you what it’s like now. I will hang them differently when they go to the shop, but this is just to show you how handy it is to display ornaments in smaller spaces. ;o)

My last project is underway and will take me the whole of the next 10 days to get it done in time for decorating on the 23rd, but I’ll be back soon with more pictures of this and other finished pieces.



  1. Well how inventive are you! Wonderful display piece Romona and your Christmas ornaments and cozies look amazing on it, wishing you many sales! Deb xo

  2. That is so cool. A great way to display ornaments!



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